Mineral Optimization Protocol Quick Start Guide

If you want to try out a simplified version of the Mineral Optimization Protocol, sign up below to receive our 35-day Mineral Optimization Protocol quick start guide.

Later this year, we’ll be launching a comprehensive 365-day Mineral Optimization Protocol guide and journal. This resource will serve as your roadmap to success, assisting you in tracking your progress, especially if you’re working with a coach.

As for supplements, we provide a recommended list at:


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Mineral Optimization Protocol: STOPS

Anti-Minerals, toxins, and endocrine disruptors to avoid. These inhibit the absorption & function of minerals. Avoid as much as possible. Look at them as toxic.


Mineral Optimization Protocol Starter Kit


Ethan Fialkow

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Ethan’s life journey has been one of continuous learning and personal growth. Like many others, he has faced the constraints of painful and haunting experiences from his past that resisted healing, causing him to grapple with depression, pain, and a persistent sense of being lost and isolated for a significant part of his life. Furthermore, his physical well-being suffered until he discovered non-conventional methods outside the realm of Western medicine, leading him to harness the power of minerals to heal the body.

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