Optimization Protocol

Your New Protocol To

Optimize your Health and Wellness

The scientifically-backed Mineral Optimization Protocol zeroes in on rectifying mineral imbalances to turbocharge your metabolism, bring stability to your body, and aid in detoxification from lifelong exposure to toxins.

The Mineral Optimization Protocol is structured to allow gradual implementation at your pace, ideally accompanied by professional guidance and a support system for feedback.

Remember, what you choose to eliminate is as crucial as what you initiate. Without addressing the ubiquitous toxic exposure we all face, we remain trapped in an endless cycle of detoxification. 

Our exhaustive list identifies toxins, endocrine disruptors, and anti-minerals, all of which impede mineral absorption and functionality. The objective is to minimize exposure to these detrimental elements, viewing them as toxic and striving to eliminate them from your life.

Every individual is unique, and while these guidelines will benefit most people, it’s always wise to seek professional advice. Approach these suggestions with careful consideration and find a trusted professional to guide you.

The guidelines are designed to guide you through the initial 6-18 months of the Mineral Optimization Protocol. As your body replenishes its mineral stores during this period, your requirements for minerals and co-factors will evolve.

If you would like to try out a free simplified version of the Mineral Optimization Protocol, we have a 35-day quick start guide you can find it here.

Otherwise, you can find the full Mineral Optimization Protocol in our book on Amazon@ Minerals Revolution: Why Western medicine missed the science on why we are getting sick and what we can do, for sale on Amazon.